Nested Spirawave® Wave Springs are the newest addition to our standard spring line, however we have made custom nested springs for over 30 years. At Smalley, we consider customs to be standard. We can design you a custom nested spring capable of providing high loads without the complexity of stacking multiple parts.   

Other customizable features include:

  • Diameter (.157 - 120" or 4 - 3000 mm)
  • Spring force
  • Cycle life
  • Number of turns
  • Number of waves
  • Work height
  • Radial wall
  • Wire thickness
  • Material
  • Finishes, coatings, and platings
  • Shim ends
  • Free height
  • End configurations
  • Packaging
  • Quality Assurance Certifications

Our vertically integrated manufacturing process begins with raw material which is fed through our flat wire rolling mills. The pre-tempered flat wire is then coiled on edge to create a near perfect circle. Because we coil our products instead of stamping them, no custom dies are required to create a custom ring or spring. This allows for Smalley to generate production-level prototypes for testing, and to make adjustments throughout the process, keeping our manufacturing procedure efficient and economical.

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